Chanthaburi and Rayong Fruit Festival – Chanthaburi, Thailand

  • Succulent, thirst-quenching mangosteen or rich, creamy durian? Tangy langsat or sweet, pulpy jack fruit? Visitors to the Chanthaburi or Rayong Fruit Festival can indulge their taste buds with a delicious assortment of exotic Thai fruits. Fruit buffets offer ‘all you can eat’ including dragon fruit, papaya, coconut, rambutan, sapodilla and lots more. Held once a year, during the best season for ripeness and flavour, this unique even is a great opportunity to fill up on those vitamins whilst having a great day out.

Koh Samui Regatta – Koh Samui, Thailand

  • The annual Koh Samui Regatta is a huge sailing event which attracts over 200 participating teams and thousands of boat lovers from all over the world. Over five days, there are a variety of races taking place around the island including long distance racing, short sprint racing and cruising displays. Expect a fun filled event, with plenty of partying on dry land too, as those sailing types really know how to enjoy themselves.

Waisak - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Held on the night of the full moon in May, Waisak is a sacred festival which commemorates the birth of Buddha, his enlightenment and his death. It is celebrated by Buddhist communities throughout Java, with the most prominent taking place at the spectacular 9th Century Buddhist monument, Borobodur in Yogykarta. Ceremonial offerings are made such as fruit and flowers and thousands of candles, representing Buddha’s enlightenment are lit in the darkness. Processions are also held throughout the city. The festival is also known as ‘Tri Suci Waisak’ or ‘Three Holy Events,’ signifying the three celebrations; the birth of Siddartha Guatama (the Buddha), the acceptance of divine revelation under the Bodhi tree and the journey of the Buddha to heaven.

Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival, Laos and North Eastern Thailand 

  • Taking place over two days, with plenty eating, drinking and dancing thrown in, the Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is one of the most enjoyable (and noisiest!) events in Laos. Villages all across the country gather to create huge rockets made out of bamboo, decorate and paint them bright colours and stuff them with large quantities of gunpowder ready for the big launch! As they are fired into the skies, onlookers watch to see which rocket reaches the greatest height. The owner of the highest fired rocket receives prestige and status amongst the group and woe betide those who fire a dud! The festival is held at the beginning of May, in conjunction with the beginning of the rainy season in Laos. Since ancient times it has been performed by all those working on the land to request rain from the ‘PhayaThaen’ or the ‘Rain God’ to pray for plentiful rice production for that year.

Singapore Arts Festival

  • The Singapore Arts Festival promises to be a dynamic event showcasing local and international talent. With this year’s theme being ‘I want to remember,’ artists take a look at personal and public histories in an attempt to contextualise our current sense of place as the world races towards a modern, technologically enhanced future. There are dance and musical performances, theatre showings, talks, historic presentations, art displays and more. Expect a varied and inspirational program.