Mui Ne

Mui Ne

The long stretch of gorgeous golden sandy beach is naturally the major attraction that draws backpackers to Mui Ne. Just three hours by bus from Ho CHi Minh City, this chilled out beach resort is a world away from the buzz of Vietnam’s most hectic city. It’s no wonder that it has become a weekend getaway for Ho Chi Minh expats in recent years, creating a wider variety of accommodation and facilities.

In general, accommodation is cheap. If you hunt around a bit, it is possible to find an awesome hotel with a beachfront pool for as little as $6! Rather than a central traveller hub, Mui Ne’s accommodation and restaurants are stretched out along the 11km of beach, which means it can be a good idea to rent a motorbike to get up and down the long strip.

Things to Do

  • Kite surfing and wind surfing are extremely popular in Mui Ne and with these trendy sports comes the inevitably cool, laid back vibe as surfer types play on the beach in the day and chill in the bars at night. For those wanting to try the sports for the first time, lessons are available but they can be pricy. Serious types tend to bring their own gear.
  • Just outside of town, the major attraction are the amazing sand dunes, about a half an hour motorbike ride outside of the city. If you only do one thing in Mui Ne, the sand dunes are a must – and a favourite amongst avid photographers – take snaps that will make you look as if you are walking in the desert rather than in central Vietnam.
  • At night, Mui Ne is by no means a big party spot, but if you ask around, the action tends to focus in a different bar every night, meaning that it’s easy to bump into the same bunch again and again and makes for a friendly traveller’s atmosphere.

Getting there:

  • Mui Ne is a popular stop on the ‘Open Bus’ tour of Vietnam. (North to South) From Ho Chi Minh City it is a three hour bus journey North. (As always on bus journey’s in Vietnam prepare for lots of honking of lots of horns!)