Photography Tours

Photography Tours

Are you a budding travel photographer?

Perfect your camera skills with an exciting photography adventure in Thailand!

Have you ever tried to describe the beauty of the South East Asian landscape to friends at home, but not come anywhere close to doing it total justice?

Then why not take home with you a stunning portfolio of captured moments and incredible scenery – the ultimate souvenir from your once in a lifetime adventure.

In an exciting partnership with Flash Light Photography Expeditions, South East Asia Backpacker Magazine is hosting annual travel photography expeditions in Thailand.

Run by professional photojournalists Dylan Goldby and Flash Parker, you will be guided across white sand beaches, over legendary karst peaks and deep into the heart of ancient Thai culture.

Read Interview with Flash Parker Here!

After the incredible success of our Chiang Mai Expedition in November, we’ll be hosting another tour in 2013 to coincide with the stunning Loi Krathong Festival of Lights in Thailand at the end of November. Contact us to be informed of further information or to book your place!

Photography Tour ImageThe group practicing their ‘panning’ technique at a busy intersection in Chiang Mai

Dates for 2013 Photography Expedition:

During the Tour, our accomplished guides will help you to get the most from your equipment and your natural talents, day in and day out. There’ll be tips on how to capture the decisive moment, critique sessions and seminars… You’ll learn how to get the most out of your off-camera flash while shooting on location and how to craft stunning environmental portraits that tell a unique story about Thailand… You’ll never miss that perfect shot ever again!

When you finally pack your bags for that long voyage home, you will be carrying with you a portfolio of remarkable images, the ultimate representation of all the mystery and splendor of this captivating country.

Says Kat Payne, a graduate from our 2012 expedition “I rocked up in Chiang Mai having absolutely no expectation of what the course would be like. I figured if it wasn’t great then at least I’d still get to see a new place in Thailand. Little did I know when I arrived at the S.E.A Backpacker office that I was about to meet some people who I’d have a ridiculous amount of fun with over the ensuing three days and also discover a crazy amount about photography! I learnt not only about the technical elements, but also about visualizing my photo before taking it and really working on my composition. The experience totally inspired me with my photography and it was easily one of the best (and fun) things I’ve done this year!”

So what are you waiting for?

Join Flash Light Expeditions for one (or both) of the incredible Thailand expeditions this year.

Get out there, get shooting, and get ready to share your images with us – we want the world to see what you can do!

Contact us for more information or to book